Thursday, May 23, 2013


Came across a documentary on contemporary artist Vik Muniz during his two year stay in Rio de Janeiro, helping the trash pickers in the world's largest landfill.

Muniz has a unique style in which he will photograph images he makes out of very non-conventional materials, such as sugar, motor oil, bottles, and other various objects. The film Wasteland follows Vik Muniz to the world's largest landfill located in Rio de Janeiro as he photographs portraits of the pickers made out of the same recycled materials that the pickers pick out of the garbage in the landfill. He then sells the portraits at auction in London to raise funds for the pickers to help them with their working conditions as a way to give back to his childhood community.

The film is on netflix and is definitely worth the watch as it touches on so many issues and and the lives of many people.

"Ninety-nine is not one hundred" 

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