Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pagani- a vison of Art and Science in automotive

This is a Documentary film by National Geographic recording the production of Huayra. This is a good example of how he created this car from a vison to concept to a final piece of art.

Horacio Pagani

Date of Birth: Nov 10, 1955
Origin: Argentina/Italy
Title: Owner, Founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A.


Horacio was born in the town of  Caslida,  Argentina. 

He studied Industrial Design at the University of La Plata and Mechanical Enigineering at the University of Rosario. 

At the age of 20, he was introduce to Lamborghini by legendary F1 driver Juan Manuel Fangio working as the lead engineer of composite department.

Later to complete his dream he started his own company in 1991 specialized in composite manufacturing and development.  

In 1999 the company debuted the genesis Zonda 

2008 creation of  Zonda R

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  1. Nice! Zonda is my most favorite super car ever to be honest!